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#318 - A Series of Disassociated Thoughts

Motto: The words need to fit together. The paragraphs do not.
Every time I start a Column it starts with the single word "Writing". I go in and change it to say other stuff usually, but today I felt like leaving it. No further words need to be said about that.
If I stuck were in a room with nothing but a window. I wonder how much time would have to pass before I noticed time wasn't passing.
Whoever said variety is the spice of life was a smart dude. He probably also just got out of a rut of some sort. 
My Roomba plays a little fanfare when it's done cleaning and successfully returns back to its base station to rejuice. You can hear it in the first 8 seconds of this YouTube video. I haven't thought much about tune before - but today when it was finished I instinctively said "chaaarge!". Only after I said that out loud, did I realize some product designer has a sense of humor. iRobot must hire dads. Pretty good.
Spiderman: Homecoming was great. I don&#…