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#349 - Sixth Second-A-Day

Motto: Life, One Second a Time

I had a kid. I'll write about that next time. It's tough to try to get everything I want to say about that together and typed and whatnot - so I'm going to postpone that one and throw out this one. I've got several Columns already in mind right now. Actually that gives me the Top 5 topic. 

Here's the playlist of all of six videos.

I'm not writing any more on this topic. That video marked the end of the longest-running creative project I've ever done. This is a cathartic Column.

Top 5: Titles of Columns that I've been Trying to Write for the Past Few Days
5. "Sixth Second-A-Day"
4. "Feature: Analysis of Human Attractiveness"
3. "Make Stuff"
2. "Self Help (Yourself)"
1. "Griffin"

"You said you were moving onto something better - and I thought 'I bet I know what that means'."
- Ed -

#348 - Last Post Pre-Baby

Motto: Let's Get It Started In Here

Our baby is going to be induced two days from now. Tomorrow we go in for pre-induction medical magic. That means basically everything I do right now I'm doing for the last time as an individual without any children. This is the last Column I will write as a non-father. This is the last time I'll write the word "ambidextrous". This is the last time I'll go on a nice little Sunday outing. It makes everything seem arbitrarily important. Every thought is good enough to write about. Every little thing is worthy of savor. That's probably why I'm on a hot streak of Column writing.

Next time I write something in here, I'll have to start each of my opinions with "As a father...

Melissa says I should proof read these Columns before I actually post them. She's noticed a number of times where I start somet

It's amazing how much the weather affects everything and everybody. If it's a nice day I am almost…

#347 - Thirty

Motto: Optimism Meets Realism Meets Writing

Fifteen million seven hundred sixty-eight thousand minutes! Fifteen million seven hundred sixty-eight thousand moments so dear! Fifteen million seven hundred sixty-eight thousand minutes! How do you measure, measure 30 years?
I measured 5 years using the Life Tracker. I know that doesn't account for the other 5/6ths of the data you asked about. Sorry I don't know what to tell you.

That's right. I started a retrospective of the past 30 years of my life with a R.E.N.T. joke. Clearly I'm going deep with this Column.

Five Years ago I wrote a Column talking about how awesome turning 25 is and how awesome the next 25 years were going to be. I wrote how I was excited to relive every day I had already been alive, but with "at least my current level of understanding and faculty, my current level of independence and capability". Looking back I see what I was getting at... but I might take a slightly less "everything is great&qu…