#329 - Avengers: Infinity War Trailer & The End of the MCU


First, a quick aside about some English stuff.

Active voice: Thing A performs this action to Thing B. Active voice is frowned upon.
Passive voice: Thing B has this action performed on it. I use passive voice too much.

A quick aside from a quick aside before I start talking Marvel stuff - what you just witnessed is a brand of Aaron humor that I dub "only funny to me & would make people who don't know better assume that I am stupid". This specific example was me saying "Active voice is frowned upon" using passive voice. Then me saying "I use passive voice too much" using active voice. It's funny to me because, if somebody did that on accident - it would make me laugh. So I do it on purpose but don't (normally) call attention to the fact that I did it, but have some dumb goofy grin on my face like I'm some sort of comedy genius... and people don't understand what's…

#328 - Feature: The MCU, Revisited

Motto: What a Marvelous Continuation Preface:Nearly 4 years ago, I wrote this long post about the Marvel Cinematic Universe (as it existed then). In that post, I made several predictions, which may or may not have come true, and several statements, which now I may or may not disagree with. Since then, a lot has happened. The MCU has expanded.  Another guy named Aaron and I made a Spreadsheet. I made a video you'll see later. Everyone has become familiar with the shared-universe concept.
Thor: Ragnarok just came out. Last time I wrote this it was after the release of the previous Thor movie. It seems like a good time to go back to the well. This is my update to that post. A Brief History of the Marvel Cinematic Universe:The MCU is a series of movies, shows, web series, and comic books produced by Marvel Studios that exist in the same shared universe, each telling their own story while contributing to a greater, overarching narrative. Specifically, this:

...and this...

Those are all the …

#327 - You Lack Discipline

Motto: Discipline Beats Motivation

Lately I have had trouble doing new Aaron things.

The ideas haven't gone. It's the follow through. I sought to remedy this situation by nixing passive entertainment from my life in October. That worked until it didn't. I set goals, do a great job with them at first, but after a bit I'm back to baseline Aaron. The goal is present, but the change in behavior is not.

Comfort is the problem.
Control is the answer.
Captain America.

...or maybe that's just what I think.

I wonder if it I could play a Clair De Lune on the piano in a month?
I wonder what it would be like to stop drinking caffeine & alcohol entirely?
I wonder what it's like to eat an IIFYM diet?
I wonder if I could make my own shirt from a sheet of fabric?
I wonder if I could design and construct my own pergola?
I wonder what I should do to continue my education?
I wonder if I could have an Android app in the Play Store before the end of the year?
I wonder what it wo…

#326 - Not a Good One

Motto: Some Handsome Hand

I don't like this post. You should skip it. I'm not saying this to intrigue you into reading further. This Column was supposed to be about something. Then it turned into me writing about me writing, which I'm exacerbating by talking about it right now. 


I really liked my previous post. It's in my top 5. It actually is.

Thanks to the way I started this Column, I just read through dozens of my old posts. Sometimes I make myself laugh. Other times I make myself cringe. I wonder if and when I'll stop writing like I know better than people. Maybe that's the nature of writing your current opinions on the things you're currently thinking about.

I didn't continue writing after that. Here I am a few days later, I went back even further into the archive Column. All the way back to #150. It's a little disheartening seeing stuff I wrote about 3 years ago that I…

#325 - Loops

Motto: Round and Round We Go
Imagine life without it. It would be chaos. Everyone has routines they go through every day. You do the same things in the same ways. Try putting your pants on starting with your off-leg and you'll see what I mean. It feels weird. 
We have little routines. We have big ones. Our big routines are made up of little ones. Butting routines together forms a loop. These loops exist at different levels, too. You loop your mornings, your afternoons, your evenings. You loop your days. You loop your weeks. On a long enough timeline, your months and years take on similar characteristics. 
You wake up. You prep for work. You commute. You manage tasks and email until lunch. You eat. You manage tasks and email until it's time to leave. You commute. You do a hobby. You cook food. You eat. You entertain yourself. You sleep. Loop.
You work. You work. You work. You work. You work. You engage in social activities. You gather and organize and prepare for the week. …

#324 - Annoying to Read #2


#323 - Remembered Stuff I Forgot

Motto: I Forgot to Remember

Last time I wrote about stuff I had been putting on the back burner for a while. I forgot this stuff.

I wonder if we will ever reach a point where we fully understand how the human body works. Will we ever know what each little synapse in the brain is doing when it fires off. Will that discovery be succeeded by a discovery allowing us to shape the brain after birth to correct defects in the brain and body? Will we learn how to turn off the dopamine hits that are associated with damaging things? Would we be able to reprogram the brain to really and truly enjoy doing stuff that is beneficial to the individual, humanity, and the world? Will we be able to link together in a way that is more meaningful than the means achievable through conversation. Can we abstract consciousness away from the human body? Could we ship that consciousness throughout the universe on miniature space probes? Will we discover a way of living that is objecti…