#369 - Marvel + Tech + Whole30 Data = Standard Column Content

Motto: Slow pitch straight down the center of the plate Marvel I'm not in the business of writing movie reviews on the Column since I started a podcast that covers that topic pretty thoroughly.
That said.
Avengers: Endgame is out. I watched it opening night, then again opening morning. It quashed my long held secret belief that I would die by some tragic means before I got to see how the story ended. That superstition hit me pretty much immediately after learning about Marvel's long-term movie plans.

That was seven years ago. Feels like yesterday. That’s the way memory works, though. You remember things that affected you, while smaller things fall by the wayside. I remember opening night of the Avengers. I remember opening night of just about every one of the 22 Marvel movies that have come out. I’ll remember Avengers: Endgame until the day I die. Even if that death isn’t untimely and tragic. 

Am I wrong to think that the accomplishments of Kevin Feige and Marvel are every bit as i…